ORNL Federal Credit Union Code of Ethics

In publishing a Code of Ethics for ORNL Federal Credit Union, it is the desire of the Credit Union, its Board of Directors and Management to…

  • Assure that in every relationship and transaction, all legal requirements are rigorously adhered to,
  • Create a set of transparent values that will govern the behavior of all Employees, Directors, Committee Members, Officers, and Agents, and
  • Create a culture of professional conduct and service that will generate a commitment and a sense of loyalty from its members.

As an Employee, Director, Committee Member, Officer, and/or Agent I will…

  • Demonstrate in all transactions that I am representing the good name and reputation of ORNL Federal Credit Union.
  • Be honest and tactfully candid demonstrating a high sense of integrity in all my interactions.
  • Conduct myself in a way that will demonstrate a personal sense of commitment and earnest effort to the performance of my job/position within the Credit Union.
  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of all members.
  • Provide the highest level of service and treat all members, employees, directors, committee members, and agents without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, veteran’s status, social/economic status or other protected class.
  • Never mislead, coerce, manipulate or fraudulently influence the National Credit Union Administration examiners, external auditors or internal auditors preparing an audit report for the purpose of making the report inaccurate.
  • Never solicit or accept for personal gain any gift, gratuity, benefit or unusual hospitality that could be construed by reasonable persons as tending in any way to influence me in the performance of my duties for ORNL Federal Credit Union.
  • Never use information gained in the normal performance of my responsibilities for personal gain or benefit.
  • Not discuss nor disclose Credit Union operational processes or competitive information with outside parties unless authorized by the Board or required by a court of law or a regulatory body exercising proper jurisdiction.
  • Never use Credit Union property for personal reasons without approval from my immediate management or prior authorization from appropriate Credit Union authority.
  • Immediately and to the proper authorities within the Credit Union, disclose any potential conflict of interest, fraudulent activity, dishonesty, and evidence of violation of law, rules, or regulations applicable to ORNL Federal Credit Union.