What makes this branch special?

We're in the center of shopping and restaurants with a non-traditional set up.

What are some favorite places employees lunch near this location?

Panera Bread, McCallisters, Chick-fil-a, Five Guys, and Snappy Tomato.

What are some favorite local businesses near this location?

Appletree, Anderson Lumber, Chadwicks, Subs N Such, and Midland Restaurant.

Has this location had a recent cash mob take place nearby?

Yes, at Sweet Celebrations in Maryville.

How is this branch involved in the surrounding community?

The Alcoa Branch belongs to the Blount County Chamber and attends chamber events.

What kind of assistance does this branch offer the disabled?

Drive Thru Teller, ATM and Night Drop, Accessible Parking, and Braille ATM key pad.

What are some of the things your employees like best about working here?

They all have fun working together and enjoy what they do.

Tips for visiting this location?

Be sure to use the 103 Hamilton Crossing Drive address. Some mapping services will point you to our old Maryville location. To avoid the rush, visit this location early in the morning or on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as those are the slower days.

Favorite after-hours hangout?

Sporting events, Chili’s, and at home with our families.

Best memories from this branch?

We have breakfast once a week for meetings. We've been known to put fake rodents/bugs in teller drawers to scare one another. One time we rolled the MLO's (mortgage) office when it was his birthday. And, of course, when everyone brings food to celebrate employee birthdays.

What employee has been there the longest?

Terresa H.

What are some of this branch’s favorite ways to save money?

One way we try to save money is using printouts we no longer need as scrap paper instead of ordering scratch pads.

Do you have any specific stories about how branch employees have helped customers borrow smart or save smarter?

It is really hard to pinpoint just one situation. We do this every day by refinancing loans from other institutions, transferring balances from higher interest cards and talking in-depth to members about their financial needs.

Any other funny or meaningful stories you’d like to share with everyone?

We had a team-building exercise where we each had to tie a balloon around our ankle and we ran around the branch trying to pop other employee’s balloons by stepping on them. The person left with a balloon still intact was the winner.

During the Wellness step challenge, we had a couple of mornings where we line danced as a team to get our steps in on our Fit Bit.