A big goal of ORNL FCU is to help make the East Tennessee area a better place by giving back to the community. One of our many and most favorite ways we do this is Feast with the Beast at Knoxville Zoo. It’s the Zoo’s biggest annual fundraising event, so participating in it helps support the animals and the Zoo’s operations all year round.

Can you believe the zoo has 756 animals? And they dish out about 57-pounds of meat a day to the meat-eating (carnivore) animals, and hundreds and hundreds of greens each day to all the vegetarian (herbivore) animals. The gorillas alone eat 38-pounds of greens each day!

The Zoo has one of the best chimp exhibits in the country, has a gorilla breeding program, a species survival program, and a brand-new Komodo dragon exhibit. And those are only some of the great things Feast with the Beasts supports.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, you really won’t find a more fun and tasty way! They’ll have tons of grazing opportunities with over 40 food and drink vendors and live bands set up throughout the zoo where you can shake your tailfeathers. Some of the animals will still be out and about (like some of the African animals who love the cooler evening weather and extra attention). Come as you are, wear comfortable shoes, and get ready to party (for ages 21+)! Don’t miss out! Feast with the Beasts is in its 20th year, so it’s sure to be loads of fun.

Purchase your tickets at one of our area branches. For more information, visit the zoo’s website. And stayed tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more and for opportunities to win tickets!