Realty Assistance

Buying and Selling Your Home with CU Community Realty

Buying and selling your home just got a whole lot easier thanks to CU Community Realty. Save time and money by partnering with a personal consultant, receive real estate reference material, and find the agent that best suits your needs — all at no-cost to you! When you choose to work with CU Community Realty, your personal consultant will guide you through every step of home-buying and selling, advocating for YOU as a valued credit union member. And should you buy or sell your home with a partner agent, depending on the sale or purchase price — you could receive rewards back on both transactions. On your mark, get set, MOVE!

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Call 865.688.9555 or 800.676.5328 for more information.

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Personal Consultants

Our consultants can guide you through each step of the home-buying and selling process. They act as your advocate throughout the process and provide valuable information regarding neighborhoods, schools and more. They'll develop a personalized profile focusing on your preferences, lifestyle, financial parameters and desired timetable. Based on your needs, your consultant will recommend an approved real estate firm which will appoint you an agent. Your personalized profile will be relayed immediately to your agent to jump-start the process of researching homes that meet your criteria.

Get Pre-Qualified

At ORNL Federal Credit union you can get pre-qualified for a mortgage, so you'll know how much house you can afford, or get pre-approved to increase your negotiating power when you find the home you wish to purchase.

Earn Gift Cards On Your Home Sale or Purchase!

Get up to $2,000 gift card* based on the sale or purchase price on each transaction when you buy or sell a home with our recommended agents.

Sale Price of PropertyYour Bonus
$50,000-$99,999 $200
$100,000-$149,999 $500
$150,000-$199,999 $700
$200,000-$249,999 $800
$250,000-$299,999 $1000
$300,000-$349,999 $1200
$350,000-$399,999 $1400
$400,000-$449,999 $1600
$450,000-$499,999 $1800
$500,000 and above $2000

*Provided by CARTUS. Cash-back is not available in Tennessee. Gift cards will be rewarded instead. All real estate commissions are negotiable. Contact the program for terms and conditions in order to confirm eligibility. $2,000 gift card is based on an average purchase or sale price over $ 500,000.