Our logo


For maximum flexibility with the ORNL brand there are three logo lockups to choose from.

The primary mark is used most often. 

The winged mark is available for use when a centered layout is preferred. 

The icon may be used in-branch, on internal documents, when space is limited and when supporting copy includes the words “ORNL Federal Credit Union”. 


Clear Space

Always surround the ORNL logo with the amount of clear space shown to ensure that the logo is easily identifiable as well as visible and legible wherever it appears. 

Clear space is the minimum “breathing room” maintained around our logo. It also defines the minimum distance between the logo and the edge of a printed piece. The clear space around our logo is equal to the width of the vertical bar (x) in the ORNL icon. Do not position any text, graphic elements, or other visual marks inside the recommended clear space.

Please note that this distance may sometimes be adjusted for select online or exterior signage applications where space is limited.

Our ​Colors



We love the idea of owning blue. Our palette now has three primary blues. ORNL Blue is our brand’s bright, mid-range legacy color. It pairs beautifully with our new fresh and friendly Light Blue and our more serious Dark Blue.These three blues give ORNL flexibility in terms of contrast and feel while maintaining ownership of blue.

Gold is the ideal accent, complementing our blues by adding warmth to the brand. White and gray neutrals provide brightness, depth and shadow.


Our fonts


The ORNL headline fonts (Detroit and Grizzly Bear) are multi-font systems that can be layered in varied ways to create endless classic titling effects. The layer combinations produce styles like inline, outline, drop shadow, 3D, and bevel. Examples shown are only a sample of the possible pairings.

Our subheads (Neutraface Slab and Black Bear) are stylish, geometric, slab-serif font families that pair well with the gothic headlines. Each font is fully loaded with OpenType stylistic and titling alternates to give the fonts a different feel and help with optics for smaller point sizes. Subheads work best when tracking is set from 50–100.

The body copy font is sans-serif, easy to read, friendly and professional.