Small Business Counts

Community Cash Mob!

In July 2013, we launched Small Business Counts across East Tennessee.

Inspired by the recent flash mob trend, Small Business Counts is a cash mob-- a group of people who assemble at a local business to make purchases as a gesture of support for that business as well as the overall community. This grassroots program is designed to help local merchants in the 16 East Tennessee communities that we serve through the use of promotion, social networking and even direct financial support.“ At ORNL Federal Credit Union, we believe that small business counts. The concept of a cash mob is one that fits perfectly with our core value of community improvement,” said Chris Johnson, CEO. “There are few better ways to build a community than through the support and advocacy of small business, and I hope this program will encourage people to share in our commitment to the well-being of these merchants and communities.”

The Small Business Counts cash mob includes the promotion and support of two East Tennessee businesses each month. The locations and meeting dates will be announced one week in advance of each event and have not yet been determined. The following guidelines will be used when selecting the local businesses to support as part of the program:

  1. Business should be locally owned and independently operated.
  2. Business should have products that cost less than $20.
  3. Business owner(s) should give back to the community in some way.

Be sure to check back here or visit for more information about ORNL Federal Credit Union's Small Business Counts campaign. Details of each cash mob will be made available one week in advance of each event.