Mobile App Permissions

The ORNL FCU Mobile Apps for Android and Apple need certain permissions to allow different features to work.  Here is a list of permissions and how they support your app.


Calendar Access

Don’t worry; the app won’t schedule that checkup you’ve been putting off.  The app will only access the Calendar to schedule an event that you request.


Camera Access

You can make deposits using your mobile app by simply taking a picture of the check.  The Camera permission does not access or store photos, it just allows the app to take a snapshot.


Location Access

Sharing your location allows the app to pinpoint the nearest branch or fee-free ATM for you. With over 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, the app can help you find ​one nearby. 


Phone Access

Your phone is unique and helps the app provide security features like device registration that keep you and your financial information safe.


Storage Access

The app is designed to provide convenience, not to bog down your phone with unnecessary data.  Only a few features require access to Storage including Remember Me, Quick Balance, and Touch ID / Fingerprint Access.

These permissions do not, under any circumstances, indicate that your personal information is being viewed, stored, or shared.  The permissions simply allow the specific features of the app to work when you need them.