We're committed to financial education. We want you to succeed! Our members have access to free financial counseling through our partnership with Balance Financial Fitness, recurring hands-on seminars, and access to all of the online education below. 


Get Money Saavy.

Check out our over 100 articles organized by the topics below to learn more about everything from understanding your credit to what to do ​during life's unexpected ​turns. Articles courtesy of Balancepro.org.

Smart Spending
Understanding Your Credit
Tips for Teens
Tips for Students
Tips for Seniors
Budgeting & Saving
Identity Theft
Home Buying & Ownership


The Road To Home Ownership

If you're considering homeownership, it’s never too early to start planning. Though the process can feel long and overwhelming at times, it’s really nothing more than a series of practical steps. ​

Downsizing Your Debt

Incorporating these basics found in this guide into your money management plan will put you in control of your money instead of it being in control of you.

Checking account management

Learn key components of wise checking account management, including checking account fundamentals, deposits, withdrawals, and protecting your account.

Retirement planning guide

 This guide gets you considering the key issues in retirement. Use it as an introduction to begin the exploration of your retirement options.

The basics of identity theft

There are measures you can take to reduce the chance of identity theft, as well as steps to recover from damage if you're ever a victim of a scam.

managing finances after divorce

Arming yourself with knowledge and taking the time to create a new plan after a divorce can help lead to a financially successful future.

REpaying student loans

This guide will show you how it's possible to repay your student loans and avoid default, even if y​ou're facing economic hardship.

Preparing for a Financial Setback

Living on less is never easy, but with a little planning and a positive attitude, you should be able to weather most financial storms.


Plan ahead with these easy-to-use calculators

Use these handy calculators to determine the down payment needed for a car, what will it would take to make owning your dream home a reality and much more! Please note that the use of calculators is not a guarantee of credit or return on investments.

Need help

Balance: Financial Fitness

Balance is a financial fitness program and service that ​ORNL Federal Credit Union provides to members. By using Balance, members can obtain free access to confidential financial counseling services six days a week. The program encompasses a variety of features such as education, planning tools and individual counseling. All features are aimed at assisting members with financial challenges including questions, concerns or problems related to their financial well-being. 

Balance Features

  • Money Management Counseling
  • Toll-Free Infoline
  • Debt Managements
  • Credit Report Review
  • Housing Counseling
  • Identity Theft Solutions
  • Personal Finance Education Program
  • Checking Account Management Education Program

To begin your financial fitness program or for additional information, visit the Balance Financial Fitness Program website.




Member Number

Your member number is associated with your overall relationship with the Credit Union. Use your member number when contacting the Credit Union for service. It allows our staff to quickly view all of your accounts and easily assist you.

Account Number

Account numbers identify the specific accounts including spending, savings, and loans, associated with the member number. Use your account number when establishing account-specific transactions.

  • Direct deposit. Provide your employer with ORNL FCU's routing number and your account number to have your paycheck deposited electronically. Click here to learn more.
  • Payments. Be sure to reference the full account number on your check for any payments mailed to the Credit Union.
  • Deposits. Include the full spending or savings account number for any deposits mailed or left in the night depository.