Crysta Roberts



Crysta Roberts

Mortgage Loan Originator – Bearden, East, and South

NMLS #695850  •  865.560.7472  •

“Let's work together to achieve your financial dreams.” 

Crysta has worked in credit unions for over 18 years in just about every capacity. She has been a teller, head teller, financial service officer, HELOC specialist, and is now a mortgage loan originator. Crysta enjoys helping members achieve financial goals, whether it is obtaining a dream vehicle or consolidating debts to improve overall financial wellbeing—now, Crysta looks forward to helping members do the same with their home!


  • I have a culinary degree and love to cook.
  • I love to travel. If there were no financial restrictions, I would always be gone.
  • Pineapple belongs on pizza, if that’s what you like!
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