Visa™ Check Card

Talk about convenience! You're going to love our VISA Check Card. Why? Because it looks like a credit card and works just like a check. You may never write another check again.With our VISA Check Card, you carry a card that looks and works just like a VISA card but with one BIG difference. Instead of "charging" purchases with this card, every dollar you spend with the card is automatically deducted from your checking account. It works with any of our checking accounts, and best of all, it's FREE! You can use it as an ATM card at locations all over the WORLD.

Have you lost or had your card stolen? Please call 888.918.7754.

NOTICE: If you are planning any travels within the U.S. or overseas, please contact the Credit Union at 865.688.9555 or 800.676.5328 to avoid any interruption in debit or credit card usage due to security precautions. Also, please know that VISA has specific guidelines in place for Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania.


Verified by Visa for your credit card is a secure and easy to use service that gives you added security and extra protection when you pay for anything online.