FoolProof Financial Education

ORNL Federal Credit Union has teamed up with FoolProof Financial Education to provide you with straightforward financial information. The FoolProof program teaches important financial lessons via interactive modules, videos, articles and consumer news sections. The FoolProof program is endorsed by both the Consumer Federation of America and the National Association of Consumer Advocates, so you can feel confident in the information you’re receiving. There’s something for everyone, from teens to grandparents—and, it’s all free from ORNL FCU!

Check out the programs:

FoolProof Solo – For college students and young adults—it’ll teach you how to make wise decisions based on facts.

FoolProof for the WorkPlace – Great lessons for career-starters who have just entered the workplace.

FoolProof for High Schools – Educators can choose from up to 22 hours of online, video-driven, self-grading financial literacy instruction for the classroom. The FoolProof High School program has been designed to meet Tennessee's Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy and energize students so they develop into savvy financial consumers, without a lot of up-front planning & preparation for the teacher.

FoolProof performs virtually all administrative work: automatically registering students; grading tests; providing pre- and post-tests; and allowing teachers to monitor students from any computer connected online.

FoolProof for Parents and Grandparents – It’s never too early to start teaching your children and grandchildren about money. These basics of financial information are presented in an interesting, interactive way.

Consumer News:
Youth – Designed just for young people, this online news section offers frequently updated information about what to expect as you head to college or into your first job.

Fast Facts – Learn money skills interactively, such as building and understanding credit; how to avoid money scams; and the difference between debit and credit cards.

Financial Education Links


The FoolProof program is a highly interactive, self-grading group of online lessons called "modules." The modules teach people about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system.



Designed to guide you through the core aspects of personal financial management, completion of these courses demonstrates your commitment to achieving financial success. Get S.M.A.R.T. by getting started today!



One of our top priorities is to keep information about your accounts private. We're proud to have earned your trust by offering the highest level of security, using the latest technology for online transactions. But you also need to make sure you’re keeping your accounts and personal information outside the credit union safe and secure. Check out these links for resources about identify theft and how to prevent it.


Know Your Credit

Credit plays an important role in your life. The more you know about credit, the easier it is to strengthen your financial well-being. For links to information about using credit wisely, rebuilding credit, understanding your credit report and more, click go!



Have an idea of what your goal is but not sure how the numbers stack up? Choose one of these calculators to see a dollar amount assigned to your goals.


Auto Buying

Buying a vehicle can be one of the most challenging purchases you’ll ever make. We can advise you on loans, budgeting, and buying power, and even remind you of all the important questions that need to be asked before you can discover the perfect vehicle for you.



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