Charitable Donations and Community Outreach

‘People helping people’ is the philosophy of the credit union movement; a movement that ORNL Federal Credit Union is proud to be a part of. As an organization, we strive to uphold the philosophy of the credit union movement as it aligns with our dream to deliver unparalleled, enhanced member value to everyone we serve, including the communities where our members live, work, worship and attend school.

At ORNL Federal Credit Union, we feel we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen, by actively getting involved and making a difference by giving back and helping to improve the quality of life for others in our communities. Being a good corporate citizen is an integral part of our core business and makes us an organization that is socially responsible and well connected to its community.

Core Community Values

To fully demonstrate ORNL Federal Credit Union’s commitment to corporate citizenship, our Charitable Donations & Community Outreach Program is designed to support community activities that align with our dream, promote rich and diverse interests, and allow for active involvement of ORNL Federal Credit Union employees.

Our Charitable Donations & Community Outreach Program is based on four Core Community Values: Financial Literacy, Community Improvement, Environmental Stewardship, and Innovation Advancement. The Core Community Values best represent the needs of today’s communities as well as reflect the passions and interests of our members, employees, and volunteers.

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for a list of organizations ORNL Federal Credit Union currently supports.

Charitable & Community Support Request Process

If your organization is interested in seeking monetary and/or in-kind support from ORNL Federal Credit Union, please review the Approval Guidelines and the following information about the request process:

  • As we receive requests daily for a variety of organizations and initiatives, only those requests that align with our Core Community Values will be considered. 
  • Requests must be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of the event date.
  • All required information must be included at the time of submission or requests for support will not be considered.
  • For certain requests, additional justification and/or in-person meetings may be requested by ORNL FCU.
  • All requests are handled electronically and must be submitted through our online application link below.
  • Online applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. 

Charitable Donations Online Applications

All questions or comments regarding the Charitable Donations & Community Outreach Program at ORNL Federal Credit Union can be emailed to the Marketing Department at