our ​commitment


‘People helping people’ is the philosophy of the credit union movement; a movement that ORNL Federal Credit Union is proud to be a part of. As an organization, we strive to uphold the philosophy of the credit union movement as it aligns with our dream to deliver unparalleled member value to everyone we serve, including the communities where out members live, work, worship, and attend school. 


We hold a commitment of service to our members, to delivering service, to our employees, and to our community. 

…To Our Members

Our goal is to help our members develop a healthy relationship with their money. We are fully vested in assisting our members to make each day count. We aim to delight our members with a constant emphasis on making each experience positive, rewarding, efficient, and consistent. We will help our members thrive.

…To Our Employees

Our continued commitment to hire, develop, and retain excellent employees is the primary driving force behind our ability to deliver enhanced value to our members. Employee education and growth opportunities aim to help employees thrive in their sincere efforts to create value for members and to shape our future leaders. As employees grow, members receive greater value through the greater levels of service and support the employees can offer. 

…To Our Community

We feel we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen by getting involved and making a difference. We are as passionate about issues, ideas, and helping organizations in our community as we are about helping our own members. We understand that the only way we truly thrive, as individuals, as neighborhoods, and as communities, is together. 

…To Delivering Value

The strength of ORNL FCU continues to grow from our solid foundation. To maintain this solid foundation, our goal is to provide reliable and valuable products and services that meet the evolving needs of our members and community. 

core community values




We build things. Sometimes with our hands. Often with our hearts and minds. Arts programs. Educational programs. Wellness initiatives. If it positively impacts the people of East Tennessee, we want to be involved. 


We’re green, and we want the rest of the world to be too. So we support green initiatives that are helping make Tennessee a cleaner state.


We design and teach educational programs that help people feel confident about managing their own money. Because there is no magic wand. No fairy stock or bond mother. A little basic financial education can go a long way to helping people secure their financial future. 


Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where 20-somethings stay up all night drinking Red Bull, creating the next killer app. Not if we have anything to say about it.

awareness & advocacy



We are committed to raising awareness and advocacy for change on legislative and regulatory issues that affect ORNL FCU, our membership, communities we serve, and financial services industry. Our goal is the keep the entire credit union community strong at the federal, state, and local levels. 

Want to learn more about issues impacting the credit union movement and how you can be involved? Visit cuna.org or email outreach@ornlfcu.com