how we protect you

24/7 Card Monitoring
Our Fraud Alert Management System monitors your card activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learn your behavior patterns. If card activity alerts us to possible fraud, we will contact you to verify the transaction. Examples of transactions that alert us to possible fraud may include:

  • Sudden change in location
  • String of costly purchases
  • Any new fraud trends worldwide
EMV Chip Technology
Our debit and credit cards have EMV chips, which are much more difficult to replicate and counterfeit than a magnetic strip. When using your card at a chip-enabled terminal, the chip authenticates each transaction uniquely, which means any data captured cannot be used to execute new transactions.


If you suspect your card has been compromised or you notice a transaction that was not yours, please file a dispute by calling the number on the back of your card immediately (Debit - 1.888.918.7754 / Credit - 1.800.449.7728).

Click here for additional information on what steps to follow if your debit, credit, or ATM card has been lost or stolen.


As your financial partner we understand the importance of security, and no one can keep a more watchful eye than you! Since you are your first line of defense, we have designed our tools with you in mind. In addition to all the channels you have to check and monitor your account real time, we have complied a list of tips to aide you in preventing card fraud.

Protect Your Debit Card PIN
Always memorize your PIN instead of writing it down and never share your PIN with anyone. Credit Union employees will never ask you for your PIN. Use the signature/credit option when it is available to minimize exposure of your PIN.

Only give out your card information when you are ready to make a purchase. Never share your card information with friends or family.  It is recommended to change your PIN number a couple times a year.

Note Your Card When Traveling
We constantly monitor card transactions for unusual activity to protect you against fraud. If you let us know your destination and when you are traveling, we will note your card to help prevent any delays while you are on the road.

Sign Instead of Keying in Your PIN
Opt for signature over PIN transactions with your debit card. Merchants prefer that you use your PIN because it’s less expensive for them. Using your PIN is riskier for you because it gives data thieves the option of creating a fake debit card.

Other Helpful Tips

    • Avoid letting a vendor go out of sight with your card when possible.
    • Beware of card skimmers on ATM's or gas pumps.
    • Utilize the channels available through the credit union to stay informed.
    • Be aware of your surroundings when out in public.
    • Routinely wipe and reset your cookies (temporary files on browser).
    • Keep your contact information up to date with the credit union.
    • Research and verify companies asking for your card information.
    • Avoid giving cards to minors without supervision.
    • Check your mail regularly.

    For a full list of current card scams please refer to the Federal Trade Commission’s Webpage.