how we protect you

  • We may ask for information to verify your identity when doing business.
  • We provide you multiple ways to monitor your accounts such as account alerts in Online and Mobile Banking, telephone banking and an extended-hours call center.
  • We provide notification when fraud is suspected.


If you've been a victim of check fraud:

  • Close any share that has been compromised immediately.
  • Make other arrangements for automatic debits and credits.
  • File a police report for stolen checks and unauthorized checks.
  • The ORNL FCU Fraud Department will begin reimbursement after affidavit is complete and full police report is provided.
  • The credit union will then work with law enforcement for prosecution.


  • Never allow others access to your checks. Allowing others to sign checks for you could discredit future disputes.
  • Your checkbook should be in a safe place at all times. The most dangerous place to leave your checkbook is in your car.
  • Checks do not have to be physically stolen to lead to check fraud. If someone gets the information from your check there are multiple ways to commit fraud (e.g. check by phone, creating counterfeits). Anyone who sees your check has the ability to commit fraud.