ORNL FCU to Launch Exciting Community Art Program

Nov 21, 2016


ORNL Federal Credit Union (ORNL FCU) will be launching a community arts program in Oak Ridge in the spring of 2017. The Community Art Wall Program will provide local artists and arts programs the opportunity to showcase their creativity in a unique fashion: by painting a large structure visible from a main access road in Oak Ridge.

The objective of the Community Art Wall Program is to recognize and highlight local artists and non-profit arts programs. Every six months, one artist or organization will be selected to paint a 60’ x 17’ cinderblock wall, which surrounds a generator situated on the campus of ORNL FCU’s main headquarters located at 221 S. Rutgers Avenue. Currently, the wall displays the work of Silas Reynolds, an employee of ORNL Federal Credit Union. The abstract piece took about six days to complete.

"My work is completely spontaneous and has no subject matter. I simply start with a mark and keep adding layers until there is a cohesive balance between the shapes and colors that are made," said Reynolds.

ORNL FCU is currently working with the Oak Ridge Chamber on a program kick-off event for spring 2017. An informal reception will be held to share details about the Community Art Wall Program, including how to apply for the opportunity to participate. ORNL FCU will host the event and reception at their headquarters.

Along with the Community Art Wall Program, ORNL FCU also sponsors Dogwood Arts, whose mission is to promote and celebrate our region’s arts in all its forms. ORNL FCU is honored to partner with Dogwood in supporting their programs, including the Art in Public Places (AIPP) program. AIPP is a large-scale sculpture exhibition with pieces displayed around the community. The ORNL FCU headquarters currently has a piece created and installed by Hanna Jubran, “Lunar Eclipse.” The sculpture will be on display through early 2017. ORNL FCU will continue showcasing AIPP pieces at their headquarters and at their new Northshore location, opening early 2017. The large-scale sculptures will be selected and installed on an annual basis. 

ORNL FCU is dedicated to investing in programs and initiatives that enhance and promote the East Tennessee community. By joining with the community to support and promote local arts programs, together we thrive.