​Samsung Pay


Pay almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card

Simply add your ORNL FCU credit and debit cards to the Samsung Pay app on the newest Samsung Galaxy devices.  Just swipe up to launch the app, secure with your fingerprint, and hover over the card reader to pay.

Samsung Pay is secure.  It uses a virtual card number called a token, so the merchant never receives your actual card number.

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Android Pay


Make purchases quickly and securely with a simple tap

Add your ORNL FCU credit and debit cards to the Android Pay app.  Tap your phone to make purchases at participating stores.  With contactless payments, the merchant never receives your card number.  If the merchant’s system is breached, your information is secure.

Download Android Pay for Mobile
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​Apple Pay


Use Your ORNL FCU Debit or Credit Card With Apple Pay

You can now use your ORNL FCU Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card and Visa Check Card with Apple Pay™. It's the easy, secure way to pay with new Touch ID Apple devices. Once you're enrolled in Apple Pay, you can make purchases and check out with a simple touch of your finger, either in apps with your iPhone 6, iPad Mini 3 or iPad Air 2, or in stores with your iPhone 6 at hundreds of thousands of stores nationwide.

Add ORNL FCU Cards to Apple Wallet
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