Online Banking offers menu-based navigation and helpful features. Taylor can give you the tour.

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Monitor Activity

Do you receive direct deposits from payroll, social security, or other sources?  See the amount and source of your deposit even before it posts to your account.*

View all of your transactions quickly and easily on the Activity screen.

Use the search feature to quickly find specific transactions.

*These items ​are not reflected in your available balance until posted.

Pay ​Loans

Credit card and internal loan payments are easy with the ​speedy Pay button that allows you to pay quickly from an ORNL FCU account.

Transfer Funds

Move money quickly and easily between accounts.

Bill Pay


A helpful dashboard makes paying bills even easier.

  • Add a payee.
  • View 45 days of scheduled payments and payment history.
  • Make multiple payments at once.

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how to pay a person

how to set up bill pay alerts

how to set up eBill


Online Banking is available in four supported browsers; Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) or another unsupported browser, you will access an older version of Online Banking. For the best Online Banking experience, update to a supported browser.

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Manage Your Money

What if you could see more than just your ORNL FCU accounts through Online Banking?  You can with Focus Money Manager.  If you have a username and password for other financial institutions to access a credit card, home mortgage, brokerage account, even a 401k, you can add these accounts into Focus.  It's easy.

  • Create a budget
  • Track spending
  • Calculate net worth


Set up email and text alerts for timely information and added account security.  Find the Alerts options under the More tab.  Or, we can help. If you would like help establishing your new alerts, call us at 800.676.5328.

Pending ACH. Now includes the dollar amount and scheduled posting date for Social Security, payroll, and other automated deposits before they post to your account.

Daily Balance. Determine the time of day that you would like to receive the balance on your account.

Security Alerts. Stay informed when important changes are made to your account including email address updates, physical address changes, and successful log-ins. 

Submit a Travel Notice

Note your credit or debit card for travel.  We constantly monitor card transactions for unusual activity to protect you against fraud.  If you let us know your destination and when you are traveling, we will note your debit card to help prevent any delays while you are on the road.